Who We Are

About Us

QLS has been dedicated to making a better world through expanding diverse and providing confortable solutions to it's Consumers.

Company Overview

QLS is dedicated to providing asset finance products to individuals and corporate institutions while maintaining a good cash flow for them.

QLS Global is a Limited Liability Company registered under the laws of Ghana and incorporated on the 21st day of March 2012. It was subsequently given its certificate to commence business on the 23rd day of March 2012.

We currently serve both private and government institutions such as Nestle, Olam, Dizengoff, IT Consortium, Coca Cola Company Limited, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Ghana Health Service, Volta River Authority, Ghana Education Service, Ghana Tourism Authority, etc.

QLS Global specializes in linking organizations and individuals with products and services that enrich their livelihood through flexible asset financing options and products. We were created around a simple customer insight that quality service and products are as essential to us as our lifestyle and finances. It is the foundation of our name, our logo and our brand identity. We have created a whole quality network that means everything we do looks, feels and sounds like US.

QLS Global has a strong presence in Ghana And Liberia where the company focuses an important part of its growth plan and strategy. Discover, Disrupt, Deliver defines the way we work. We discover solutions that disrupts our lifestyle positively. We deliver on our brand promise of providing quality and affordable options to the consumer.

Our Mission

To provide innovative and comprehensive asset financing and sourcing solutions for individuals, corporate institutions, and financial institutions. We are committed to providing accessibility to offerings of varied first rate products from top brands for all our stakeholders.

Particularly, we strive to respond effectively to the changing needs of our customers and to provide varied options to choose from at their convenience.

We further commit ourselves to giving our customers and employees a better life by making them key partners of the business through careful consideration of their interest in every aspect of our operations.

We strive to put the best service culture at the disposal of all our stakeholders by adopting a proactive and responsive outlook and positioning them first and at the heart of the business.

We commit to making the business profitable for our stakeholders, through consistency in value addition, and modification of our business model in order to remain competitive and unearth new and latent needs in the market to adequately serve.


To serve as the foremost consumer business solutions hub, that anticipates and provides personalized solutions for individuals, corporate institutions, financial institutions and suppliers in Africa.

We create a synergetic ecosystem of a wide collection of top global brands, pragmatic solutions, and consumers for a mutually profitable relationship.

Our values define our existing corporate behavior


Our joy in delighting customers ensures that we dependable in delivery quality and efficiency at all times. We strive to fulfill all promises to customers, employees and partners.


The passion to improve the lives of customers and the underprivileged reinforces our commitment to serve.


To be consistent is to be efficient. We believe in consistently delivering quality solutions OR products and services to satisfy customer needs.


Being loyal to customers ensures that they are always at the forefront of our business.