Welcome to QLS Global

QLS Global offers a wide range of asset finance products to satisfy the needs and lifestyle of consumers on hire purchase.

We provide both institutions and individuals with convenient solutions to purchase home appliances, laptops, handheld devices and building materials at flexible repayment options. QLS Global also ensures prompt courier services for all locations at reasonable prices.

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Our Mission

To provide innovative and comprehensive asset financing and sourcing solutions for individuals, corporate institutions, financial institutions and committed to providing accessibility to offerings of varied first rate products from top brands for all our stakeholders.

We further commit ourselves to giving our customers and employees a better life by making them key partners.


To serve as the foremost consumer business solutions hub, that anticipates and provides personalized solutions for individuals, corporate institutions, financial institutions and suppliers in Africa.

We create a synergetic ecosystem of a wide collection of top global brands, pragmatic solutions, and consumers for a mutually profitable relationship.

Our Approach


We engage customers to discover the benefits of consumer electronics in making life pleasurable and efficient


We bring superior entertainment, lifestyle and financial options to the doorstep of individuals and organizations so that they can live better, do more and be more.


We take advantage of our experience and the global presence of our partners, while remaining simple, allowing us to fulfil our commitment of carrying affordable and quality product and services to the people.