Grace Station Foundation

Grace Station Foundation is a Christian nonprofit making organization birthed by QLS Global. It was registered in August 2015 to providing scholarships for brilliant but needy students. The organization caters for the educational expense and welfare of the students.


Grace Station Foundation is dedicated to the identification, provision and sustainability of the basic needs of the underprivileged children in the society.

It is also dedicated to preferment and nurturing the inherent dignity of every child and the development of their unique abilities, talents and personalities.

Our Mission

GRACE STATION FOUNDATION has embedded in its core mandate to instill godly principles in all our foundation beneficiaries, provide educational assistance and to supply the basic needs of our beneficiaries. It seeks to instill in these children a sense of care, responsibility and belonging and also to discover and build in them their inherent ability and talents for the consumption of the society in which they live in the future to come.

Our Vision

Grace Station Foundation seeks to be a beacon of hope for the future of underprivileged children in the society. It also strives to be a healthy environment under which children can fully explore their intrinsic potentials.

Aims and Objectives

1. The core objective of Grace Station Foundation is to provide educational assistance and to ensure that the basic needs of underprivileged children are met. This involves the provision of food, clothing, shelter and education.

2. Grace Station Foundation seeks to put children who are underprivileged on an equal common platform as the normal children in the society.

3. Grace Station Foundation aims to contribute in raising underprivileged children to become abled adults, to foster a sense of obligation in them and to prepare them to understand and advocate for the basic principles of equality and social justice when they assume leadership positions in the future.

4. To inculcate in children the responsibility to respect, defend and advocate for the rights and welfare of underprivileged children when they find themselves in influential positions in the future

5. To develop the capacity of underprivileged children to be able to effectually contribute in matters that affect the welfare and survival of underprivileged children

6. To vest into children the power to become initiators of their own ideas and agents of positive change in their societies.

Operational Strategy


The families of the underprivileged children were previously provided with food packages periodically which are estimably enough to take them through the stipulated time when properly managed.


Families of the underprivileged children who don’t have proper shelter are helped in acquiring apartments to accommodate them for them.


The underprivileged children are enrolled in schools and are also provided with school attire or uniforms, shoes and sandals. They also receive teaching and learning materials including both text and exercise books, pens and pencils, school bags and other learning materials.


The families of the underprivileged children are registered under the NHIS to provide health services to the children when they need it. Provision for emergency cases are made.